COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Updates

March 12th, 1700hrs

Following this afternoon’s COBRA meeting and update from the Prime Minister about COVID-19 (coronavirus) we would like to confirm that this weekend’s Alternative Monopoly Run will still go ahead.


It is obviously down to each individual to risk assess and decide if you want to attend the event.

The policy of The Scouts is to follow Government advice – which is currently to carry on as normal, taking care to ensure personal hygiene is a priority.

In light of this, we will be encouraging good personal hygiene throughout the event, ensuring warm water and soap are available so regular effective handwashing can be carried out.

Over the weekend we will continue to closely monitor the situation and act accordingly.

March 10th, 1800hrs

The Alternative Monopoly Run would like to issue the following statement (10th March 2020) in relation to COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus).

At present we plan for the AMR to still be going ahead this weekend, and do not see this changing in the next three days.

We are closely monitoring The Scouts advice which is to follow Government advice; something we are doing hourly. We have liaised with The Scouts today and they confirm we are to carry on and monitor the Government advice.

The Government state to carry on as normal, ensuring to wash your hands thoroughly (soap and water) and to sneeze into a tissue (catch it, bin it, kill it).

The safety of all persons on the event is our main priority. You can help by reporting any flu like symptoms to us on the event, wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

If anything changes in the next three days will we be in contact, however please relax and hopefully enjoy the event.

More information can be found here:

The First,
The Original,
The Best

13th - 15th March 2020,
Scout Park, London

We will be camping at Scout Park, Gordon Road, London, N11 2PB, located in the North of the City. It is a few minutes’ walk from Bounds Green tube station (zone 3—Piccadilly line)

Scout Park boasts a newly built main hall, a suitably sized toilet & shower block, several sized camping fields for small and large groups, or alternatively there is limited indoor accommodation at an extra cost – mixed communal floor space and bunk rooms.

This is not an exclusive list but the following might come in handy during the event to assist teams whilst competing and welfare around the site:

– Usual weekend away kit (you are old enough to work that out).

– Necker (this is a must, you will not participate without one).

– Detailed map of London & Tube network (no map work will be provided).

– Some sort of ‘all-day’ travel card or bank card for London travel in zones 1, 2 & 3 (no travel passes will be provided).

– Make sure you have battery pack/s to charge your mobile phone for taking photos and using the AMR App.

– Some spending money.

– A mug (for drinks on site).

– Sun cream.

– Water bottle (Running across London is thirsty work!).

– Get to know our safety information, just in case!


The following is provided during the weekend at no extra cost to assist you and your team throughout the event:

– Route Card & Challenges.

– Hot & Cold drinks (you will need your own mug).


There will be a shop on-site with run-related merchandise to enhance your experience over the weekend plus other Scouting/Guiding items.

This is fundamentally a fundraising event and as such there will be items for sale to help individuals reach their targets. There are also opportunities for you to sell your own fund raising items in the shop. We will sell these on your behalf at no extra charge. Contact us if you are interested in taking this opportunity up.

There are two options for catering when onsite. You can choose to self-cater, using your own food and equipment, or you may prefer to visit our onsite cafe to choose from a variety of meals.

The #CamelCafe is also open to self-catering groups who are just really hungry!!

If you would like a packed lunch on the Saturday you will need to order one in advance of the event, please contact us if you would like to do so.

Below is a sample menu from previous events, it is subject to change but serves as a guide for you to plan.

🔵 vegan 


🟣 gluten free 

Bacon roll 1.50 
Bacon egg roll 2.00 
Brekkie baguette (saus/bacon/egg/hashbrown) 3.50 
Brekkie box (saus/bacon/egg/hash brown/beans/mush) 4.00 
Veggie brekkie same as above but with Linda Mc sausage no bacon 4.00 🟢
Egg roll 1.50 🟢
Egg pot 2.00 (egg/mush/peppers/toms).🟢🟣
Friday night tomato pasta pot £4.00 🟢🔵
Saturday night mac and cheese £4.00🟢🔵
Chips 1.50 🟢🔵🟣
Cheesy chips 2.00 🟢🟣
Chicken strips and chips £4.00 
Burger 2.50 
Chicken burger 2.50 
Bacon burger 3.00 
Double up burgers for £1 
Jacket potato 3.50 toppings £1 🟢🔵🟣
Cheese🟢🟣 beans🟢🔵🟣 tuna🟣coleslaw 🟣🟢
Chicken curry 4.50 
Veggie curry 4.50 🟢
Falafel wrap with salad £3.50 🟢🔵
Chicken wrap with salad £3.50 
Crispy chicken wrap with salad £4.00
Sausage rolls £2
Veggie sausage rolls £2 🟢🔵


A briefing will be provided on the Friday at approximately 9pm, 10pm & 11pm for all participants to serve as a welcome and event overview (you only need to attend one of these times).

The route card & challenges will be provided together with a run-through of the rules & safety whilst out on the run.

To help you plan your route you can find all the locations from the run together with the rules on the downloads page of this site.


The general outline of the event can be found below. Please note this is only approximate and subject to change.


18:00 Event Opens – Make sure you book in.

21:00 / 22:00 / 23:00 Briefing – Route Card, Challenges, Health & Safety.


06:00 Breakfast & Lunch Opens.

07:00 Run Opens.

08:00 Breakfast & Lunch Closes.

19:00 Run Closes.


07:00 Breakfast Opens.

09:00 Breakfast Closes.

10:00 Presentations – Awards & Prizes.

11:00 Event Closes – No need to rush off, site close 13:00.

As always there have to be a few rules. Failure to comply with them will result in disqualification from the run and in severe circumstances expulsion from the event. For full terms and conditions please review them on booking or contact us for a copy.

1. The run opens at 07:00 hours and finishes at 19:00 hours. If you are outside those times, you will be disqualified. However you can start and finish at any time, making sure the whole team signs in/out.

2. The whole team must attend locations provided. All team members must be present in each photo, except the one taking the photo. The route you decide to take is up to you; providing you attend all the locations you may choose whatever route you like.

3. You are Scouts/Guides and representing Scouting/Guiding, you all must wear a Necker throughout the Run at all times.

4. You may use any means of public transport at cost to yourself.

5. One mobile phone will be needed to record your locations & challenges. Your mobile will need to be used to upload the photos/videos at the end of the run.

6. Extra rules may be applied during the run by the HQ Safety Team. An example would be ‘All teams should not visit Location X due to a protest’. Teams must stick to any extra rules applied.


There are various awards and prizes to be won by teams competing in each level & category, they are as follows;

Fastest Time (under 18 accompanied / under 18 unaccompanied / over 18).

Most Challenges Completed (scored on points).

Best Photo (submit your most interesting, crazy, unusual picture).

Best Fancy Dress (to be worn during the run).

Community Chest Challenge (teams can compete in various activities and challenges during the Saturday evening) – this year we are including a theme and one of the competitions will be fancy dress. The theme will be ‘Hollywood’.

To get points for a location, teams must ensure the street sign (or other location sign if specified) is visible in photos. To get points from challenges, teams must ensure the photo clearly shows the challenge being completed. Teams will submit photos for scoring when they arrive back from the run. Once all photos are uploaded, our HQ team will score the team. 

Note: Teams will either get the points or not – there is no middle ground so ensure that evidence is clear. The Scoring team will have final say and will make judgement calls if required so the easiest way to ensure your photo is valid will be to make it clear and obvious!

A number of safety teams will be on stand-by to assist any teams in difficulty during the run. These teams are dotted around the city so someone should always be with you to help you quickly. 

We also carry out a check out process before we allow you to leave to make sure you are safe and equipped to deal with the streets of London.

We use an event app for Apple and Android! We ask that teams have at least one person with this downloaded on their phones before the event, as this will contain key event information as well as being our means for tracking teams during the run. If teams have nobody with an Apple or Android phone then please email us to arrange alternative means of tracking.

Download the app (links coming soon). The app will be available on Apple iOS & Android.

**A risk assessment is available to download from the ‘Downloads’ section**

This event is open to anyone in Scouting or Guiding — Older Scouts*, Older Guides, Explorers, Senior Section, Network & Leaders of any age!

*Older Scouts need to be accompanied.

Teams of 4 to 6 are advised—this has been the best mix over the years and for safety.

There are two levels at the event: under 18 & over 18. Under 18s are split into accompanied teams who have a Leader shadowing them around the run and un-accompanied teams who enter the run on their own!

Please note: Anyone over 18 in a team will count as a participant, whether they are only ‘shadowing’ a team or not. The participant category must be correctly chosen for anyone ‘shadowing’ who is over 18.

Please note there is no separate Leader fee for this event, everyone pays the same price whether the Leaders choose to take part or not (Leaders can make a team to take part themselves!). If you want to pay and sit on site that is fine or take a look at our Staff section to see if a reduced fee to assist as Staff would be more beneficial for you.

Please find below the event prices and different prices structures to tailor make your experience at the event as comfortable as possible.

Participants: £20 per person (including Leaders attending with their group, regardless of whether they take part in the Run). This includes the event fee, camping costs, safety costs and a free badge!!

Special World Scout Jamboree Unit REUNION Discount Deal: £15 per person (Leaders go free!). The discount reflects you are making a large booking so you must have a minimum of 20 people coming (excluding the leaders). You will need to contact us on booking for us to manually apply the discount.

Indoor Accommodation: £6 per person hall floor space / £12 per person bunkbed.

Pre-Pitched Tent: £3 per person. These tents will be pre-pitched by our staff for you and taken down after the event. They can be purchased from our online shop.


If you are bringing young people to the event and wish to be involved but not take part as a

participant you can always volunteer as staff instead. We split our staff into two main areas.

Firstly, on-site staff, working in various roles from tech support to front-of-house. Or

alternatively, you can work on the safety team, forming pairs and supporting participants

out in London on the Saturday.

**Please note: Anyone over 18 in a team competing will count as a participant, whether or

not they are only ‘shadowing’. Don’t forget Leaders can form their own team and take part

in the event!

We also encourage Explorer to assist the event and help with the set-up and take down for a

donation towards their fundraising. Anyone who helps out at the event from Explorers to

Leaders can apply for a donation towards their fundraising – for more information view the

fundraising section of the website.


Many of these roles are already filled by the ever-growing regular AMR staff team, however

we encourage new members to join us and if you have a skill that you think would benefit

the event please contact us.

We have the following departments looking after the event with a coordinator, deputy and

a hard-working team!

Tech Support, Media & PR, Bookings, Front of House, Campsite Services, Safety Team,

Entertainment, Catering, Scoring, General Duties & Security.


The vast majority of our staff members are incorporated into the safety team, usually in

pairs (if you want to work with a particular person let us know).

You will be sent out in waves in the morning of the Saturday and are there to ensure

everyone has a safe and fun time whilst out in the capital. Throughout the day you will be

managed to best fit the locations of the participants so you should see a fair amount of the

sights the capital has to offer. Apart from dealing with the occasional lost team your time is

your own; go for a coffee, sightsee, or even shop! However, you must remain contactable

and available to drop what you are doing at a moment’s notice.

As safety team, we may ask you to support us onsite on the Friday and Saturday evenings.

This would be some little jobs that we might need doing, but nothing too taxing.

Safety team staff must attend a training session at approximately 21:30, 22:30 or 23:30

hours on the Friday night in the Safety Team HQ on site. 


There is a small fee for staff in either role but we hope this will be suitably priced for you to

attend the weekend. The event has heavily subsidised the fee for you and with a staff chill

area away from participants we hope this will entice you to help out.

Staff: £10 per person. This includes; camping fees, food, mixed sleeping communal floor

space and a FREE badge!

Indoor Accommodation: £12 per person bunkbed.


Register on Scouts EMS. 

Register as a whole group/unit, teams will be arranged on the day (for example, your Explorer Unit should sign up as a whole group, then tell us on the day of the event who will be Team A, Team B, etc..)

PLEASE do not sign up individual teams, this will over complicate things for you and create issues for us. Remember that your booking is not confirmed until we have received full payment. Failure to pay in full may result in a lost booking or incomplete badges for the group/unit.

We would like to bring your attention to our refund policy. Due to the majority of the entry fee being utilised in advance of the event we cannot offer a full refund if you choose to cancel, please read our terms and conditions in full before you complete your booking. Any queries please contact us beforehand.

Group Bookings

Staff & Safety Team